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Beginner classes are taught on an as-needed basis. These classes are for individuals who are very new on their spiritual journey and would like to know Yeshua as thier Lord and Savior. If you feel this applies to you, reach out to us through our Contact page and a representative will connect with you as soon as possible.



We are currently in the last semester of the year. Classes are currently closed. However, feel free to purchase one of our recorded semesters using the Recorded Semester Courses tab above under the Curriculum tab. 



Classes are once a week every Shabbat (Saturdays). Classes are recorded and sent within 24-36 hours after class to review. Each class encompasses engagement exercises for you to practice throughout the week. 


First Semester - 6 WEEKS   (February 6 - March 13)

Class (1) Sanctified Imagination

Class (2) Communion & Trading


Second Semester - 6 WEEKS   (April 10 - May 15)

Class (1) Gateways

Class (2) Garden of Your Heart


Third Semester - 6 WEEKS   (June 5 - July 10)

Class (1) Mobile Court

Class (2) Autosomes


Fourth Semester - 6 WEEKS   (July 31 - September 11)

Class (1) Building Your Mountain

Class (2) 7 Spirts of Yahweh


*Please note semester dates may be subject to change. 



Advanced classes are taught on an as-needed basis. A personal interview and approval are required to participate in these classes. For more information regarding these classes, please provide your information and request on our Contact page and a representative will connect with you as soon as possible.


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